Msiz’Kay to party with Diasporas koSamuriwo

Langalakhe Mabena

Bulawayo multi-award-winning hip-hop and Pop muso Msiz’Kay is set to be the main attraction at a new joint — koSamuriwo in Luveve, as he will be the headlining act on a show dubbed Diaspora’s Welcome Party on Saturday.

KoSamuriwo is a fresh joint that caters for everyone from all walks of life as it provides entertainment, food and beverages at an average price.  It also works as a multi-purpose centre for the community of Luveve as meetings and stokvels are also done at the centre in the early hours of the weekends.

The proprietor of the entertainment centre Brian Samuriwo said they decided to bring in Msiz’Kay to be part of the show because he is a common artiste among locals and diasporas.

“Msiz’Kay is a talented guy and many people can resonate with his music either based locally or abroad. At the same time, Easter is a massive holiday where diasporas visit back home and on their stay, they also need to have some fun as they connect and create memories with their loved ones. We crafted this gig particularly for them to have a nice time at home. We will have Msiz’Kay as our main performer because his music is unique and many people love him,” said Samuriwo.

Fresh from his Heita My Sister sold-out gig in Magwegwe held last week, Msiz’Kay said he is looking forward to having joy and fun as he loves performing eKasi.

“The gig at KoSamuriwo is an exciting opportunity that came to life after receiving a call from the venue management and getting into talks with them about doing a show there. With my wish of performing there coming true, it is also challenging because koSamuriwo is a different venue with its own culture and vibe but I expect nothing less than an awesome night with a great crowd.

“Last week I did the Heita My Sista show in Magwegwe and it was just amazing. People showed up in numbers with nothing but love and good energy and I felt really humbled and validated by the support that I was shown. As I prepare for this upcoming event, fans should expect fireworks, performances of my hits, unreleased songs and one or two rarely performed songs. 

“They have to brace themselves for an all-round wholesome set with  great entertainment value and lots of energy,” said Msiz’Kay.



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