MatterMoreForSis . . . JoyRukanza’s birthday present

Langalakhe Mabena

After successfully dropping singles for the past three years in a build-up process, United Kingdom-based award-winning muso JoyRukanza has revealed that her much anticipated full-length album titled MatterMoreForSis will be released worldwide on her birthday, on 23 June.

The 11-track album inherently tells the story of a woman and her different experiences with unrequited love.

It uses the power of a double-barrelled title to reference metamorphosis — a scientific transformation from an immature to an adult form in distinct stages.

It draws parallels with metamorphosis in two ways.

“First, it narrates a love story where the protagonist transitions through various stages of grief after being heartbroken.

She is angry, depressed, and unwilling to love before slowly accepting her fate, finding her path, and loving again,” explained JoyRukanza.

The album uses a dynamic fusion of disparate tempos, tones, and moods to convey the transformation message.

Joy Rukanza

Secondly, the album is an ode to women to prioritise their happiness.
“Present-day society expects women to endure unfortunate circumstances as a display of strength and power.

Through this project, I appeal to women to find the strength to abandon unfortunate situations, take inventory of what matters to them, and prioritise that,” said JoyRukanza.

She is excited to be dropping the project on her birthday.
“This project has been ongoing for nearly three good years and it will finally be available for the world to hear on my birthday.

What a full-circle moment. I have worked with the most amazing human beings in the world and learned so much.

I’m grateful for your patience and support and cannot wait for you to hear my story,” said JoyRukanza.


JoyRukanza is an independent, award-winning new school musician with a long history of learning, growth and upward trajectory in her expertise, knowledge, and experiences in the music industry.

Born Joy Roselyn Rukanzakanza in Bulawayo, she discovered her musical talent when she led her high school choir through regional competitions as the captain.

She graduated as a top-performing female student in her city, earning her a merit-based scholarship to study at Bryn Mawr College in the United States, where she further pursued her music interests by joining on-campus choral ensembles.

After graduating, she pursued a professional career in finance before transitioning to technology.

Joy balances her corporate interests with her burning passion for music, which helps her to continuously evoke intrigue, creativity, and engagement in her daily life.

She is also passionate about community engagement efforts centered around amplifying the value of education.

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