Man, workmate in secret wedding

Siphilisiwe Mloyi
A Harare woman literally staged a coup da��A�tat on her workmatea��s wife when she had an affair with the lattera��s husband leading to a wedding right under the wifea��s nose.

Lindiwe Muguto who works for the same company with Raymond Oganio a�� then husband to Chipo Chingungwe (ABOVE) a��got too close for comfort because all three stayed in the same company house in Marlborough, Harare.

The living arrangements reportedly drew Muguto closer to Oganio and they started an affair.

The love affair became intense as Oganio decided to wed Muguto leaving his customary wife, Chingungwe clutching thin air.

To avoid detection, the schemers staged their wedding in Bulawayo while Chingungwe was at home in Harare.

A family source told B-Metro that Chingungwe only got to know about the wedding a week later.

a�?His wife only learnt about the wedding from one of the husbanda��s relatives a week later,a�? said the source.

The source added that to keep the matter as exclusive as possible, there was a lot of secrecy around the venue and date. Only a few relatives of Oganioa��s attended but many from Mugutoa��s family made the roster since her family is from Bulawayo.

The newly weds even managed to dribble past B-Metro. When the news crew got to the hinted venue, an SDA church in the CBD a��indicated on the invites with the 17 April date, reporters learnt that the wedding was officiated the previous day at a different venue.

With whata��s done, done a�� the cheated customary wife opened up to B-Metro. Initially Oganio had lied to his wife, a mother of one a��that he was travelling to Bulawayo on a business trip whereas, it was for his big day.

a�?I never suspected that the two were having an affair. I was startled when I learnt about the news from a relative. She was an aunt of my child. Even tetea��s (Muguto) family knows me,a�? said Chingungwe.

The disgraced Chingungwe has since moved out of the company house where she lost her husband. She now stays with her parents.

As for the new wife, Muguto boastfully told B-Metro that she was newly and happily married.

a�?Yes, we got married and we are happy,a�? she said.

Pressed for more detail she handed the phone to her husband.

a�?I think you have to speak to my husband,a�? she said.

Oganio took the phone and hurled obscenities before threatening this reporter.

a�?What do you want from my wife? F*** you. If you write this story I will deal with you as I know where you stay,a�? Oganio said.

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