Man vows to marry uncle’s wife, claims she’s a bomb in bed

Michael Magoronga

A Zhombe man who was caught pants down with his uncle’s wife has claimed the woman was a dynamite in bed and has vowed to marry her.

Juda Muketiwa of Village 18 Bobs under Chief Gwesela in Zhombe was caught pants down with the woman in question, Letwin Masvaure, who is wife to his uncle Unity Nduku.

Muketiwa is son to Nduku’s elder sister.

The matter has since been heard before Chief Weight Gwesela’s court where Muketiwa was fined five head of cattle for adultery.

Nduku who is a gold dealer, was shocked when he returned home unannounced only to find his wife and his sister’s son having sex in his matrimonial bed.

Muketiwa is married to another woman with whom he has one child while Masvaure has two children with Nduku.

Chief Weight Gwesela confirmed that his court handled the matter and the man had since been fined.

“It is true we handled such a matter and the man was fined five beasts for the taboo. This is unheard of and we do not condone such activities. We have since fined the man and warned him against such actions,” said Chief Gwesela.

A source who also attended the court session said Muketiwa had since vowed to marry Masvaure whom he claimed was better than his wife in bed.

“He was heard after the court vowing that he was not going to let her go as ordered by the court saying the woman is good in bed. He vowed to pay lobola for the woman,” said the source.

The source said Muketiwa said the fine was a form of lobola and had since cemented their relationship.

“He said now that he has paid the five beasts, the relationship has been legalised and nothing was going to stop him from seeing her anytime he wanted,” the source further revealed.

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