Man rapes woman, abuses her daughter

Danisa Masuku 

A SANGOMA from Shabula Village in Lupane has been arrested for allegedly raping a woman and later sweet-talking her teenage daughter to play with his manhood.

The man appeared before Lupane resident magistrate Ndumo Masuku facing rape and indecent assault charges. He pleaded not guilty to both charges.

He took to the stand:  “Your Worship, this woman is my lover and we have been in love for almost three years. And she has been coming to my place when my wife is in South Africa to buy goods for our shop,” he said.

The alleged rapist said things took a troubling turn on 02 January this year.

“She visited me last week and we took beer, after that she slept at my homestead. We had sex but in the morning she claimed that I had sex with her without her consent.  

I asked her why she was saying that because she was my lover,” she said.

He added: “I also deny that I sweet-talked her daughter to play with my manhood,” he said.

The woman said: “I went  to his house and we had beer and I don’t  know what he had laced  it with because after that I felt dizzy and had to  sleep at his homestead. 

During the night I woke up to find him having sex with me and that incensed me because we were no longer lovers but we were just friends. 

He took advantage of my drunkenness and sexually attacked me,” she said. 

She went on: “A fortnight ago my 14-year-old teenage daughter went for healing at his homestead and shockingly he caressed her before he sweet-talked her to play with his manhood but he couldn’t have sex with her as she managed to escape. I reported the matter to the police,” she said.

The man was remanded in custody and was advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

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