Man pummels wife for begging beer from friend

Danisa Masuku
A JEALOUS man, who was boozing with his wife, got angry and beat her with fists and kicked her all over the body for begging for beer from his friend.

Sitshengisiwe Ndebele (34) was imbibing with her husband Milton Dube (38) at Pumula Shopping Centre.

At the height of the drinking spree, the drunk Ndebele sprung a shock on her husband as she begged for beer from her husband’s friend.

Her husband tried to warn her to stop asking for beer, saying that lowered his dignity, but it seems his warnings fell on deaf ears because his wife continued begging his friend to buy her beer.

Tempers flared between the couple and Dube punched her in the face several times and kicked her all over the body.

He did not stop at that but throttled her while telling her to stop embarrassing her, a court heard.

Dube’s friend intervened and restrained him from assaulting his wife.

Ndebele reported the matter leading to the arrest of her husband.

Dube appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube facing a physical abuse charge. He pleaded guilty.

He was fined $10 000 and if he fails to pay it within two weeks, he will serve two months in jail.

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