Man loses teeth for demanding sex from ex

Obey Sibanda .
A 27-year-old man was left counting his teeth after his ex-lover ran riot and struck him with an empty beer bottle for demanding a�?retirement benefitsa�� at a local joint.

Clarence Marecha lost his teeth and sustained a deep cut on his upper lip after he was allegedly struck by his former girlfriend Rachael Mlotshwa (19) who is also a lady of the night for persistently demanding sex from her on 4 September.

It is reported that Marecha approached Mlotshwa, who was lovey-dovey with a prospective client at Hawkers Pub at Bulawayo Centre with the intention of taking her to his apartment for the night.

Mlotshwa who is not new to controversy reportedly flew into a rage when Marecha through his actions displaced her potential catch.

The two exchanged harsh words leading Mlotshwa to hitting Marecha with an empty beer bottle.

For the offence Mlotshwa appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Evelyn Mashavakure facing a charge of physical abuse as defined in section 4 of the Domestic Violence Act chapter 5:6.

She pleaded not guilty to the charge citing that she only acted in self defence.

a�?Your worship he is the one who started beating me and I retaliated in self defence,a�? she said.

The magistrate remanded her out of custody.

Prosecuting, Taurai Hondoyemoto said on 4 September this year around 8pm, Marecha was at Hawkers Pub at Bulawayo centre, drinking beer with his friends when Mlotshwa approached him and asked for money to buy herself some beer.

Marecha then gave her $5 and she promised to go with him to his home when the pub closed.

a�?When the pub was about to close, Marecha approached Mlotshwa with the intention of taking her to his place of residence but she refused leading to the two exchanging harsh words.

a�?Mlotshwa then took an empty beer bottle and struck Marecha on the mouth removing his teeth and cutting his upper lip,a�? he said.

The complainant was rushed to hospital for treatment and a medical report was compiled.

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