Man impregnates three daughters. . . Villagers bay for his blood, want him banished

Gibson Mhaka
VILLAGERS from Mazivofa area in Mberengwa are up in arms with a man accused of impregnating his three daughters.

The community has since resolved to march in protest and hold a vigil outside his homestead.

Their demands are that he should be banished from the village.

The Headman, Hove who is related to the man, was at one point confronted by villagers over the issue but reportedly failed to take action.

According to a source from the area, the man was once arrested in 2003 for the same offence.

The matter reportedly came to light after the man was caught by one of his sons having sex with his youngest daughter in their vegetable garden.

Although Chief Mazivofa could not be reached for comment a police source from the Midlands Province confirmed it.

The police source said when investigations were launched against the man, his daughters refuted the allegations saying it was their drug addict brother who was spreading the malicious accusations.

a�?The alleged incestuous relationship was exposed by one of the mana��s sons after he caught his father having sexual intercourse with his youngest daughter in a vegetable garden. After busting them he told relatives who are also trying by all means to keep the matter under the carpet since the man was once arrested in 2003 for a similar offence,a�? said a source from the village who requested anonymity for fear of victimisation.

The source further said the mana��s eldest son was always fighting with him over the issue.

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