Man (51) jailed for groping girl’s breasts

Danisa Masuku

A 51-YEAR-OLD man from Nkulumane suburb in Bulawayo who was being charged for groping an 11-year-old girl’s breasts left the gallery stunned after he told the court that he had to touch them because they were “too hot” to be ignored.

Vusumuzi Ndlovu (51) pulled the shocker when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Evia Matura facing one count of indecent assault. He pleaded not guilty but was convicted after a full trial and slapped with a nine-month jail sentence.

The magistrate suspended three months on condition that he does not commit a similar offence within a period of five years. Ndlovu will effectively serve six months behind bars. In his defense, Ndlovu attributed his wrongdoing to a lack of self-control and booze.

“I sincerely apologise for my inappropriate behaviour. My lack of self-control on that day was because I was too drunk,” said Ndlovu.

In sentencing him the magistrate highlighted that by groping a minor girl’s breasts Ndlovu crossed the line and exhibited animal behaviour. He said Ndlovu intended to wreck the future of the child and there was a need to send a strong message to potential offenders. She said a custodial sentence was ideal for the offender.

The court heard that on a date not known to the prosecutor but sometime in January this year Ndlovu met the minor near her home while she was playing with her friends. It is said he called the minor girl to his home and at the time he was alone.

The unsuspecting minor rushed to Ndlovu and he asked her a few questions before he grabbed her by her hand and groped her breasts while caressing her on her face.


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