Malawi sex enhancing herbs a hit at ZITF

Gibson Mhaka
THE Malawi stand proved to be a hit during this yeara��s edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) with a number of exhibitors and traders particularly men flocking to the stand to purchase herbs to boost their libido and immune system.

Malawian exhibitors who spoke to B-Metro said they were happy with the turnout at their stand. They said people were coming in droves to have a taste of their herbs.

Flore-Anne Kamanga said most people visiting their stand were expressing interest in herbal aphrodisiacs or herbal sex enhancers.

She said the most sought after was the sex enhancing herb a�� gondolosi which helps to boost sex drive, give firmer erections and combat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Kamanga said after taking the herbs one is assured to be fiery with passion and free to enjoy unbridled sexual experiences.

a�?We are happy with the way people are visiting our stand to inquire and buy our herbs ranging from those which boost onea��s immune system and sexual drive. Lots of men come to get herbs to try and boost their libido. Women too have come in their numbers, most of them not from their own desire but for their partners.

a�?I believe the large turnout follows last yeara��s successful exhibition where a number of people who bought our herbs especially gondolosi have testimony to the effect that it improved both their immune systems and sex drive.

a�?This time we are selling gondolosi in powder form because after the exhibition many people from Malawi flooded Zimbabwe with fake herbs in the form of tablets saying it was gondolosi,a�? she said.

Meanwhile, some of the popular herbs at the stand were Ruo Body Cleaner and Thanzi Sweet Potato Flour which Andrew Chrispin Njendengusa who was exhibiting for the first time said defends the bodya��s health system.

Njendengusa said the medicinal herbs were clinically proven and 100 percent safe and had no side effects despite the fact that they remain active in your body for sometime.

a�?Ruo body cleaner is made from orange fresh sweet called zondeni and cures different diseases. It removes all bad chemicals through urine, sweating or vomiting. It also works for those people suffering from high blood pressure, continuous menstruation, and lack of sexual pleasure in both men and women.

a�?Thanzi sweet potato flour detoxifies food poisons that are found in the food stuff people consume. It protects and strengthens the body from various ailments. As for breastfeeding women it improves the milk content. The advantages of using herbs are that they do not have many side effects as compared to modern medicine,a�? said Njendengusa.

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