Makho raves and rants over hair

. Bruce Ndlovu
South African jazz legend Hugh Masekela lit the fires of debate a few months ago when he said that he would not take any picture with a woman who did not have natural hair.

a�?Youa��re lucky that you were sneaky enough to have him take a picture of you next to me, otherwise I would have refused. I dona��t take pictures with girls who have your kind of hair,a�? Masekela told a student who had taken a picture with him while he received an honorary degree at Rhodes University.

Womena��s hair has always been a contentious issue with some, like Bra Hugh, saying that if a womana��s hair is not natural it shows symptoms of an identity crisis. Others believe it is a simple matter of personal beautification and nothing deeper should be read into it.

Former model and BET presenter Makho Ndlovu (ABOVE) is of the latter school of thought, as this week she also waded into the debate, ranting and raving about the constant snide remarks she had to put up with in the US from people who always had something to say about her hair.

a�?But Lord, people are so attached to my natural hair. Total strangers who Ia��ve never met commenting on why I should keep my hair natural. First of all. Ita��s my damn hair. How I choose to rock it a�� weave, wig, natural, creamy crack. Ita��s up to me,a�? she posted on her twitter page.

Makho emphasised that how a woman kept her hair was up to her.

a�?I will not have anyone dictate to me how I should rock the hair growing out my damn scalp. I will forever be a naturalista but I will switch it up whenever I damn well please. And you will deal. Point blank, period,a�? she posted.

The former model also aired her frustration on how women were still held in little regard, which manifested itself in people dictating to them on how they should style their hair.

a�?I just cana��t stand how entitled people can be about things that aina��t got sh!t to do with them. My hair is none of your dang gone business,a�? she posted.

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