Macheso or Man bashes wife with pot full of sadza

Danisa Masuku 

A MAN who smashed his heavily pregnant wife with a pot full of sadza causing her to pass out after she refused to give him money to attend an Alick Macheso music show appeared for trial before a regional magistrate.

Trymore Madzungaire (39) appeared before magistrate Vivian Ndlovu facing an attempted murder charge and pleaded not guilty to the charge. He was remanded out of custody to 5 June for judgment.

He was a self-actor and in his defence he told the court that when he came home at around 8pm he found the main door locked and knocked several times but his wife Portia Mapfunga (37) would not open forcing him to bang on the doors until she opened. Upon getting into the house he said he asked her why she delayed opening the door. An argument broke out and it spiralled into a fist fight. 

He further said his wife reached for a screwdriver and stabbed him in the arm. Madzungaire said his wife always bashed him whenever they were involved in a heated argument.

Circumstances are that on 31 March and at around 8pm, Madzungaire went to his wife’s vending stall and demanded money so that he could go to a music show.

Mapfunga reportedly refused to give him money and out of anger he left.

Later at around 8pm, the furious Madzungaire arrived home and found his wife cooking sadza. He reportedly locked her inside the house and switched off the lights. 

He charged at her while hurling insults at her, the court heard. He allegedly picked a pot full of sadza and hit her with it on the head and stomach. 

He did not stop at that as he punched her all over, the court heard. 

His wife cried and escaped through a window, the court heard. She screamed, prompting a neighbour to come to her rescue. The incident was reported to the police leading to his arrest.

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