Luzibo Media set to publish Kalanga Folktale

Mashudu Mambo

LUZIBO Media house is set to release a Kalanga folktale on 17 May at Alliance Francaise in Bulawayo with an aim of bringing to light the Kalanga cultural heritage.

The author, Sofia Dube, is part of the Kalanga community dedicated to promoting and preserving the language and culture of Kalanga people.

Dube said the book was for children and was meant to educate them on the importance of culture.

“The book is titled Buhe Mhungu and it delves into the rich cultural heritage of the Tjela family and the Kalanga people. It explores themes of identity, tradition and resilience.

“The story follows the journey of a young jackal named Buhe Mhungu as he navigates the complexities of the jungle and his community’s customs and beliefs,” she said.

Dube stated that the goal was to promote and preserve the culture of the Kalanga people.

“The aim is to promote and preserve the Kalanga language and culture and to change the narrative held by society on the different ethnic groups in the country,” she said.

Dube added that they are were working on the production of an animated series.

“The book serves as a companion to the upcoming animated series, Mhungu Kalanga, which is currently in production,” she said.



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