Litmus test for Brema at Palace Hotel …as it will be Insimbi ZeZhwane’s first show without MaEli and Maviri

Langalakhe Mabena

JUST three months after the tragic loss of his fellow band members, Elvis “MaEli” Mathe and drummer Thembinkosi “Maviri” Mpofu, Insimbi ZeZhwane co-founder Meluleki “Brema” Moyo is set to take the stage at the Palace Hotel Gardens in Bulawayo, where he is eagerly awaited by the band’s devoted fans.

The upcoming performance at the Palace Hotel, fondly known as the “home of entertainment,” on 17 November (Friday) will serve as a pivotal test of Brema’s resilience and artistic prowess.

It will also be a litmus test for the group as the show will be the first without the lead voice of the late MaEli and Maviri. It is sure to be an emotional night for the band and their fans, but it is also an opportunity for them to come together and celebrate MaEli’s and Maviri’s lives and music.

There is no doubt the passing on of MaEli and Maviri has cast a shadow over the upcoming Indazi gig, a performance that was eagerly anticipated by fans. The tragic loss of these talented musicians has also left a void in the Zimbabwean music scene, and their absence will undoubtedly be felt at the show.

Indazi is however, determined to honour the memory of their fallen band members by delivering a performance that would have made them proud. The band is also expected to play a mix of their classic hits, all while paying tribute to MaEli and Maviri’s legacy.

“The journey to recovery from the loss of MaEli and Maviri has been a long and difficult one. It is hard to accept that they are no longer with us, but we have found strength in our faith and in the support of our loved ones.

“We know that MaEli and Maviri are in a better place now, and that they would want us to be happy.

“This is our first gig since our brothers died and we are making the return at the Palace Hotel, a place which always shows us support. We are doing this event in honour of our fallen brothers and wherever they are, we know they are looking after us and they will bless this initiative to success,” said Brema.

He adds: “We will never forget MaEli and Maviri. They were talented musicians and kind souls who brought so much joy into our lives. Their music will continue to inspire us, and their memory will live on in our hearts. We are grateful for the time we had with MaEli and Maviri, and we will cherish their memory forever”.

The bassist said that the entire setup of Insimbi ZeZhwane did not change, they only beefed up on the slots of MaEli and Maviri which is on the lead guitar and drums.

“All the boys are back in full force meaning the band is the same but we also recruited some guys to furnish the set. It’s not going to be easy because the voice of MaEli is no more. But as we make a maiden performance, we will take the gig as a learning curve so that we manage to adjust going forward,” he said.

Proprietor of Palace Hotel Tapiwa Gandiwa, a staunch fan of Insimbi ZeZhwane said as a promoter he is willing to support Insimbi ZeZhwane in any way possible.

“Insimbi ZeZhwane are loved by many people and Palace Hotel is their home as they staged gigs here. The love for their music from fans is overwhelming.

“As they make a return after the death of MaEli and Maviri, we decided that they start here at Palace and we know fans will boost them and prepare them for their upcoming gigs,” said Gandiwa.

Insimbi ZeZhwane will be joined on stage by Khakhakha Band, Godolude and Friendly Brothers, Mzoe 7, Tinashe Moyo and Sungura Snipers, Manurse Ndlovu, Mr Jaiva, DJs Keitho, Ajaxx, Banda and Tetso.

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