Lecturer resigns after sleazy video leak

Wandile Mloyi

The Midlands State University (MSU) is topping the Twitter trend after sleazy videos and pictures involving one of its lecturers and students leaked on social media last Friday.

The lecturer Reginald Chidawanyika, chairperson of the Department of Procedural Law, and Panashe Ashley Hwaviva, a Law student, were spotted in videos and pictures which were put out on the microblogging platform while getting cosy and caressing each other.

The leaked lewd content indicated and confirmed that the two were romantically involved.
One of the pictures was a screenshot of the student, twerking, butt naked in a WhatsApp video call with the lecturer.

A video also showed the lecturer passionately kissing the young lady all over her face.
Speaking to B-Metro, MSU marketing and communications director, Mirirai Mawere confirmed the incident and said it happened during the student’s vacation period.

Mirirai Mawere

“Normally, immediate suspension and investigations are initiated. Our policy requires that after suspension, disciplinary action follows,” said Mawere.
However, it appears that Chidawanyika has since resigned.

“The lecturer is no longer with Midlands State University, he resigned on Friday last week (10 February 2023). In this case, we no longer have jurisdiction over the affairs,” Mawere added.

Mawere said severe steps were going to be taken if it was a case of sexual harassment.
“The university has a clear sexual harassment policy which sets parameters. We have incidents where students have reported lecturers concerning harassment. In such scenarios, lecturers are suspended to pave way for investigations. However, most lecturers resign before a hearing,” said Mawere.

In 2018, MSU encountered a similar embarrassing incident where a male student committed suicide after finding out that his girlfriend was having sex with a lecturer.
In the latest case, on some videos Panashe is seen avoiding a kiss from Chidawanyika.

“She didn’t want to be kissed,” said one viewer with a Twitter handle Val Bunjira.
“That lecturer isn’t alone. Many male lecturers approach students and make them fail if they refuse. The gross sexual exploitation and abuse of authority is claiming many silent victims,” added another with a Twitter handle McAuthur Lokie.

The images, however, seem to tell a different story as the student seems to be happy taking videos and pictures with her lecturer.

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