Kuda Mahachi lays blame for son’s horrific burns on sisters as close relative says Maritha is innocent 

Stanford Chiwanga 

KUDAKWASHE Mahachi has laid the blame for his son’s horrific burns on his sisters with a close relative of his absolving Maritha Ndlovu of any wrong doing.

In a Asakhane Live video that has since been deleted on Facebook, the Warriors winger declares himself innocent and seems to suggest that his sisters had something to do with his son’s burns.

“People believe what they have read. Firstly, my son’s pictures are circulating. Why are people circulating the pictures when my child is in pain? Secondly, people say I used my son for money rituals. How can I hurt my son for money rituals?

“This thing pains me because no one wants to hear my side of the story. My sisters, they know what they did. They know what they injected my son with. My son left South Africa in one piece, he was okay and he was walking. My sisters know the doctor they used to inject my son and everything,” said Mahachi.

The boy’s burns were third-degree and required immediate medical treatment.

Mahachi’s sisters, Meline Mahachi and Sinikiwe Sibanda declined comment.

However, a close relative who spoke on condition of anonymity said Maritha Ndlovu, the mother of the child, is innocent and Mahachi was lying and only he knew what really happened to his son.

“My brother, don’t be fooled. The child was transported from South Africa like that. If the sisters are to blame then why are they not under arrest? Maritha Ndlovu did not burn her child that is why she is also free. The sisters, the grandmother and Maritha are all not under investigation because they had nothing to do with the child’s burns,” said the relative.

His wounds had pus and his rotting skin was falling off and emitting a putrid odour.

The relative also dismissed reports that the child was under the care of his sisters and grandmother.

“Mahachi instructed umalayitsha to deliver the child to his house in Cowdray Park because he didn’t want anyone to know what happened to his son.  It is not true that his child was with his grandmother and that the sisters knew what happened to the child. No relatives live in that house, only a caretaker and maids. The child was dumped there and relatives only knew after they were told that the child was in Cowdray Park.

Kuda Mahachi and his wife Rose Mahachi

“The grandmother and sisters were only trying to help. They never tried to hide that the child was burnt, but as soon as they learnt of the child’s condition, they immediately alerted the mother and together they took the child to hospital. Mahachi must tell the truth,” the relative said.

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