Kuda Mahachi claims child was attacked by goblins 

Stanford Chiwanga

KUDAKWASHE Mahachi told his sisters and a local pastor that his four-year-old son’s horrific third-degree burns were a form of cancer that developed after the minor was assaulted by goblins.

In an exclusive interview, Jabulani Nzimah-Ndlovu (Mfundisi Ndlovu) of Ekukhanyeni International Church of Christ in Cowdray Park suburb said one of Mahachi’s sisters called him to come and pray for the child soon after they realised that the minor was in a bad state.

Jabulani Nzimah-Ndlovu (Mfundisi Ndlovu) says Kuda Mahachi told him that his son had been attacked by goblins

The sisters asked Mfundisi Ndlovu to intercede and pray for the child as Mahachi had made them believe that his son had cancer after he was beaten by goblins.

Mfundisi Ndlovu says he found the child heavily bandaged. (Picture taken by Mfundisi Ndlovu)

“I was called by Kuda Mahachi’s older sister after the child had been collected from a house in Emakhandeni suburb, where umalayitsha dropped him. They asked for my help because I am a pastor and I have always been there for the Mahachi family.

“When I got there, the child was bandaged on the head and legs. I asked them what was happening and they said Mahachi told them the child had cancer and he convinced them that it was a result of goblins. I told them it’s not cancer, but burns and I advised them to take the child to hospital and to inform the child’s mother immediately,” he said.

Kuda Mahachi’s sisters summoned Mfundisi Ndlovu to Cowdray Park to pray for the minor

Mfundisi Ndlovu said he contacted Mahachi and Mahachi was adamant that his son had been harmed by goblins.

“I sent Mahachi a message and he said his son was hit by goblins. I told him that he was lying and he needed to say the truth, but he stuck to his story. Mahachi and his wife (Rose Mahachi) know what they did to the child and they should be honest with the world and stop playing games. I did not mince my words, I told him the goblin excuse was nonsense,” he said.

Kudakwashe Mahachi refused to comment on the goblin allegations

The church leader revealed that he interviewed the child and the minor told him without hesitation that his father had boiled water using a kettle and poured it on him.

He said: “I talked to the child and he told me that Kuda Mahachi scalded him after boiling water using a kettle. I am not talking from a position of hearsay. I was there and interviewed the child. I demanded that the child’s bandages be removed so that I could tell them what had caused the injuries and it was clear to me that those injuries were inflicted using hot water.

Mfundisi Ndlovu says the child opened up to him and told him Kuda Mahachi scalded him

“The child has suffered enough and they want to drag the child’s mother (Maritha Ndlovu) into this. I find it very unfair and uncalled for. The mother, the sisters and the grandmother had nothing to do with this. Their sin is that they are trying to save the child’s life.”

Maritha Ndlovu is innocent, says the pastor

Mfundisi Ndlovu also hit out at Prophet Blessing Chiza who claimed recently that the incident was a spiritual attack on Mahachi.

“Church leaders must not lie to people. Mahachi might be his spiritual son but he must condemn this. He has his reasons for standing with Mahachi but he must not lie to the nation about spiritual attacks. This was child abuse, nothing else and for him to say he believes Mahachi is ridiculous.

Kuda Mahachi and his wife Rose Mahachi

“The child left South Africa on the 13th of April and arrived on the 14th of the same month. On the 14th of April, I was called by Mahachi’s sisters to Cowdray Park to see the child and I even took pictures of the child and the pictures are dated and timed. Tell me, what time did the people Mahachi is accusing commit this terrible crime? Mahachi must tell the truth,” Mfundisi Ndlovu said.

Mahachi declined comment.

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