Knife attack in fight over masese

Danisa Masuku


This warning may have overtaken the well-known ‘never mess with a woman’s hair” mantra after a Bulawayo man was almost castrated by a woman after he tried to walk away with beer that they were drinking together.


In a no-nonsense display of horrific aggression, Sehlile Ncube (37) grabbed Dingani Nyoni (41) and twisted his privates before frenziedly stabbing him with an okapi knife.

The incident occurred on Tuesday at corner 6th Avenue and Jason Moyo Street.

A witness said the two imbibers who are both vendors contributed money and bought opaque beer which they started drinking together.

“All was well until at around 830pm when Dingani decided to go home with the booze. All hell broke loose when Sehlile who was busy serving a customer noticed him slipping away. She immediately left everything she was doing and rushed to Dingani and tried to seize the  beer from his tight grip but Dingani pushed her way ,” the witness said.

Realising that she was not winning Sehlile grabbed his privates and repeatedly twisted them.

“Initially Dingani tried to fight back but Sehlile maintained a tight grip. With his tongue hanging out of his mouth and eyes bulging, Dingani whimpered in agony and fell to the ground. Sehlile took out an okapi knife from her trousers pocket and stabbed him several times and after that she fled with the blood dripping knife,” said the witness.

The incident was reported to the police leading to Sehlile’s arrest.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident.

Inspector Abednico Ncube

He discouraged community members from resorting to violence to solve disputes.

“We would like to warn members of the community to desist from resorting to violence when they are faced with disputes because that might lead to an unnecessary loss of life,” he warned.

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