‘Kelly Khumalo confirmed numbers stated in court belong to her’

SOUTH AFRICA musician Kelly Khumalo has confirmed that the two cellphone numbers referenced in her lover Senzo Meyiwa’s murder trial belonged to her.

Advocate Thulani Mngomezulu, who represents accused number one, revealed this in court on Friday.

Mngomezulu said they had been furnished with an affidavit from Khumalo stating that the number belongs to her.

“I want to clarify this for the defence as well my lord. We have an affidavit by Kelly Khumalo, who mentioned that these two numbers belong to her. I am trying to highlight that Kelly Khumalo has confirmed this,” he said.

Mngomezulu said this during the testimony of Pinky Vythilingam, who oversees Vodacom’s forensic liaison division.

Despite having a persistent cough, Vythilingam was still able to provide some testimony before the adjournment, led by the state.

On Friday she was expected to come up with a response to a request from the defence. The request was that Vythilingam provides a map that shows Vosloorus in a larger scale. This as compared to the one she had provided in court.

Before the court resumed, the defence confirmed receiving the information that they requested.

Vythilingam said she had gathered information that included the addresses of the cellphone towers. These were towers that cell phones of individuals who were in the room with Meyiwa the night he was murdered had pinged.

“We begin with Spruitview, the distance to crime scene is 1.18km. The next tower is Phake that is 2.2km away from Vosloorus to crime scene. Then 2.9km Moleleki to crime scene, 3.1km Vosloorus Square to crime scene,” she said.

She clarified that the end tower only picks when there is a new activity on a cell phone number.

Khumalo and Twala cellphone towers linked

“If there is no activity, then it will not record. The tower that will ping when a device receives a call is the receiving tower. Even if the device is in motion, the end tower will not pick up.”

State prosecutor advocate Ronnie Sibanda asked if Meyiwa, Longwe Twala and Kelly Khumalo’s cell phones picked the Moleleki tower at the same time.

Defence counsel for accused number three, advocated Charles Mnisi, interjected. He said Twala and Khumalo have not been to court to confirm that the numbers belong to them.

“It must not be assumed by the state when it puts on record that these numbers indeed belong to those people that have been mentioned. Without those witnesses coming to testify and confirm that these are their numbers, the evidence that relates to that number will be on record on a provisional basis,” said Mnisi.

Case postponed to July 22

Vythilingam mentioned that she had other commitments. This resulted in the court hearing on the day being cut short yet again.

The presiding judge on the matter Ratha Mokgoatlheng said the case has been postponed until July 22.

The court will be on recess beginning on Monday. The defence stated that they were not willing to work during that time. According to this, Vythilingam won’t be able to continue providing testimony about her cell phone until July. (Source: sundayworld.co.za)




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