Juju storm: Businessman physically and sexually abuses wife

Gibson Mhaka
A Bulawayo businessman is at the centre of a messy intimate-partner abuse storm after his wife sensationally claimed that he was in the habit of physically and sexually abusing her as punishment for “bewitching” him and his family.

Prosper Chinyakwa from Mahatshula North suburb and proprietor of Margite Investments has reportedly turned his wife Margin Sithole into a punching bag while accusing her of bewitching him.

So vicious are the attacks that his wife last week rushed to the Bulawayo Civil Court to seek a protection order against him.

“I am the applicant in this matter and the respondent is my husband. We are customarily married and my husband has been very abusive towards me. He abuses me physically and he beats me up with fists and different objects in the house. He also verbally and sexually abuses me.

“He accuses me of bewitching him and his family. He insults and attacks me every day before forcing himself on me.

I now fear for my life and that of our children,” complained Sithole.

She further said her husband was also not allowing her to go to their shop despite the fact that they own it together while adding that he was also economically abusing her.

Chinyakwa, apparently fearing humiliation during trial, didn’t turn up to defend himself, leading presiding magistrate Nkosinomusa Ncube to grant an order in favour of Sithole.

The magistrate ordered Chinyakwa not to physically abuse his wife, insult her and not to have sexual intercourse with her without her consent.

She further advised Sithole that if ever her husband forced himself on her she should report him to the police.

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