Juju schoolboy ordered to return home

Gibson Mhaka
A school-going boy from Harrisvale suburb who deserted home to stay with neighbours after his uncle discovered traditional herbs mixed with human hair in his school bag was sternly ordered by a Bulawayo Civil Court magistrate to return home.

Magistrate Sheunesu Matova dismissed Methembe Sibandaa��s application for a protection order against his uncle Pardon Dube saying it lacked evidence of abuse.

This was after he had claimed that his uncle was abusive and evicted him from his house on 10 August after he came back home late from town where he had sent him on foot to buy mealie-meal.

In response, Pardon said his nephew was very stubborn and disrespectful as he was always coming home late, after leaving unannounced and bringing traditional herbs mixed with human hair into the house.

a�?From your application I found no evidence of abuse. Ita��s clear that you just had an argument with your uncle after you returned home late and this was further strained when you decided to seek refuge at your neighboura��s house.

a�?This also strained your unclea��s relationship with his neighbours. You dona��t have the right to stay at a neighboura��s house when your uncle is the one who took you from your parents.

a�?If you have problems consult other family members and sort them out. I am granting an order that after this court session you should go back to your unclea��s house,a�? ruled the magistrate.

The magistrate also a�?warneda�? Pardona��s neighbour Rowen Dube and his wife that it was not proper for them to stay with Sibanda without his relativesa�� blessings.

a�?There is nothing wrong with what you did when you welcomed him (Sibanda) into your house especially taking into consideration the fact that he had nowhere to go after his uncle chased him away.

a�?But if something bad happens to the boy when hea��s under your custody without his parents or relativesa�� blessings you will face the consequences. So my advice to you is that let him go back to his uncle and sort their problems on their own,a�? he said.

Meanwhile, there was drama after the court session when Rowen and his wife charged towards a B-Metro news crew threatening to beat them up for taking pictures.

The couple created a scene at the courts when they manhandled the photographer, trying to confiscate the camera.

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