Jilted woman hires thugs to ‘rough up’ lover

Gibson Mhaka 

WHEN love goes sour it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth and can cause damages if not handled with caution.

Such bitter taste is what a Bulawayo woman, Memory Ndabalime, is experiencing following chilling revelations by her ex-husband Costa Mhazha that she threatened to hire thugs to “deal” with him as punishment for dumping her.

Mhazha claimed to be living in fear following the disturbing threats. He said he deserted the matrimonial home because of Ndabalime’s abusive behaviour.

He said during the subsistence of their customary marriage, his ex-wife was always beating him up at the slightest provocation.

Mhazha said Ndabalime would descend on him with various dangerous weapons such as a knife and cooking stick anytime they had a disagreement.

“Memory Ndabalime is my ex-wife and we separated on 4 May this year. During the subsistence of our customary marriage she was threatening me with various and dangerous weapons to an extent that I had to vacate our matrimonial home. She even promised to poison me and hire thugs to beat me up. She is coming to where I am staying now while threatening to stab me with a knife,” said a devastated Mhazha.

He tearfully said he dumped Ndabalime because of her violent behaviour and threats to end his life in a grisly manner.

“Every time she gets angry she would take a knife and threaten to stab me with it. She was also assaulting me with a cooking stick and publicly insulting me with obscene language. As a result of that I am now seeking a protection order against her so that she stops harassing me and coming to where I am staying now.”

In response, Ndabalime shot down her ex-husband’s abuse allegations and that she threatened to hire thugs to teach him a lesson he would never forget in his life.

“He is lying that I was abusing and threatening him and visiting his place. He no longer loves me because he now has a girlfriend and that is the reason why he moved out of our matrimonial home,” said Ndabalime.

In her ruling the presiding magistrate Racheal Mukanga ordered Ndabalime not to verbally and physically abuse her ex-husband or threaten him in any way.

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