Jealous husband threatens wife with axe

Danisa Masuku

A woman from Emakhandeni suburb applied for a protection order against her husband who always accuses her of being involved in extra-marital affairs.

Emacculate Junente claimed whenever her male colleagues phone, her husband Terrence Mafu beats her up.

Junente claimed her husband always threatened to axe her to death if she continued cheating on him.
In her affidavit Junente said: “My husband is very abusive towards me.He insults and beats me up on a daily basis.

“I now fear for my life because when he is angry he chases after me with an axe, luckily I always outpace him and return home when he has calmed down.

“On one occasion he violently grabbed me and bashed me before smashing my phone on the ground. Now I’m failing to work because I don’t have a phone.

“Whenever my male colleagues call me, he fumes and bashes me. I have suffered enough and I pray that this court will grant me a protection order.”

Presiding magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube granted Junente a protection order.
Mafu was ordered not to physically and verbally abuse his wife. Mafu was also ordered not to threaten his wife with death.

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