International TikTok star Karaliazus does a cover of Jah Prayzah’s song

Langalakhe Mabena

Jah Prayzah is the best!

It seems international TikTok star and rapper Karaliazus is charmed by local muso Jah Prayzah’s music as he did a cover of the dreadlocked chanter’s song Mukwasha, which has since taken the internet by storm.

TikTok sensation Kazaliazus

Karaliazus who is also a journalist, is on a quest to be in the World’s Guinness book of Records, as he aims to do at least a single cover song from all the countries in the world.

TikTok sensation Kazaliazus

So far, the multilingual rapper has done 100 songs from 100 countries, with Zimbabwe being the latest country courtesy of Jah Prayzah’s Mukwasha song, which was released under the Hokoyo album in 2020.

Karaliazus has 427 100 followers and 5,6 million likes on TikTok.

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