How to achieve happiness in a relationship: 6 major steps

Life consists of small things. So let’s talk about those little details that can greatly improve the quality of your relationship. 

For some, these six tips seem too complicated, but if you do everything gradually, you’ll find happiness and harmony eventually.

Step 1: Always keep your promises

If you know that you can’t keep a promise, then just don’t make it. If you promised something, then do your best to meet your partner’s expectations. It’s as simple as that. This is the black-and-white situation. At least you don’t have too many options you have to choose from.

Step 2: Always be open to other people’s opinion about you

Successful people always pay attention to feedback because they understand that the secret of success lies in constant development and self-improvement. And only people around you can show you the path to further development. So ask them to evaluate you; ask them to say what they think of you. Listen to their opinion with gratitude. After all, they agreed to spend their valuable time sharing their opinion with you.

Step 3: Always be the first to apologise

If you made a mistake and hurt your partner’s feelings, ask for forgiveness, even if you think that you did nothing wrong, all this was a misunderstanding. You must apologise. This is a good reason to show your best qualities of character and thereby improve your relationship.

The thing is that if your partner thinks that you’re guilty (even if you’re not), then they have a reason for this. Where did it come from? Perhaps there was some conflict in the past that made your loved one assume that you’re guilty. Therefore, an apology will smooth out all past mistakes and restore the relationship.

Step 4: Stay on your partner’s side even if they’re not with you at the moment

A very important secret of successful relationships lies in protecting the reputation of your partner if they’re not with you at the moment. Moreover, you must act as if they are in the same room with you. It’s an important principle successful people follow. This behaviour shows your partner that they can rely on you.

Besides, when you discuss people behind their backs, you slowly but surely destroy the relationship because sooner or later, the person you discussed will find this out.

Step 5: Always be clear about your expectations

If your partner expects something from you, but you don’t live up to expectations, it’s similar to breaking a promise. The only difference is that you may not know about these expectations. And this is one of the biggest problems of any relationship.

That’s why it’s especially important to talk about the expectations in the relationship. Consider yourself a businessman discussing the details of a lucrative contract.

Remember, if you feel that your partner is expecting something from you but don’t want to talk about it, your relationship may be destroyed. What’s the reason? People tend to expect more from you than you actually can give them and it doesn’t matter whether you plan to do it or not.

Step 6: Always strive to understand one another

It’s pretty difficult to develop this habit, but it’s crucial for a successful person. Without it, you can’t understand and appreciate your loved one’s motives. And this means that you won’t be able to offer a solution to a potential relationship problem.

The ability to understand others comes from the ability to listen. You must learn to listen to your partner and ask questions in order to understand what they feel and what they’re striving for. Discuss what you heard to make sure you understood each other correctly.

These tips aren’t the only ones that can help you keep a strong bond between you and your loved one. (Source:


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