Housebreaking for sex

Danisa Masuku

A drunk man from Iminyela suburb in Bulawayo caused drama when he allegedly smashed a window pane before he gained entry into the house and demanded to have sex with a married woman.

It is alleged Lloyd Sibanda (26) arrived at his sister-in-law’s house at around 11pm before he smashed one of the window panes and got into the room where Busani Dube and his wife Sithandweyinkosi Zulu were sleeping.

It is said he unzipped his pair of trousers and demanded to have sex with Zulu.

It is reported that Dube tried to restrain him but Sibanda overpowered him and threatened to bash him. 

Dube rushed out of the room and called neighbours to help restrain Sibanda who was parading his privates while threatening to sleep with Zulu, the court heard.

Sibanda’s mother reportedly heard the commotion caused by her son before she rushed to the scene where she found him and ordered him to zip up and leave for their house. 

He refused, forcing neighbours to grab him and drag him to a police station leading to his arrest.

He appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Gamuchirai Gore facing two counts, one of indecent assault and malicious damage to property.

He pleaded not guilty to both counts and was remanded out of custody to 16 August for commencement of trial.

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