Grandson slaps granny

Danisa Masuku
IN A drama-filled incident, a man who was accusing his grandmother of refusing to hand over his bag, ran berserk and poured water on her several times before beating her all over the body.

The granny, Sarudzai Jecha (82) got shocked when her grandson Munashe Jecha (26) came home in a no nonsense mood, accusing her of refusing to give him his bag.

The granny, the court heard, told him that to get his bag back he must bring her bags which he stole and that did not go down well with Munashe.

Tempers flared as Munashe ran berserk and locked the kitchen door before he picked a bucket full of water and poured it on her face.

As if that was not enough he picked another bucket full of water and poured it all over her body, the court heard.

He went a gear up and slapped her on the face and picked another bucket full of water and poured it on her, leaving her drenched. He then violently pushed her onto the ground, resulting in her sustaining a strain on her left leg and a swollen face.

Munashe appeared before Tredgold Courts’ magistrate Shepherd Munjanja facing a physical abuse charge.

He pleaded guilty.

He was fined $10 000 and if he fails to pay it within two weeks he will be locked up in jail for three months.

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