Golden Lions grab BPPA premier slot

Fungai Muderere

BULAWAYO Province Pool Association (BPPA) secretary-general Nomore Muzvidziwa has revealed that the last Premier League club slot which was up for grabs has been taken by Golden Lions.

BPPA had earlier this week called upon a club willing to participate in the association’s 2023 season Premier League to come forward and get the slot upon payment of a franchise fee of US$100.

“The slot has been taken by the Golden Lions. It was taken yesterday (Monday) after Expandables who got promoted from our Central Business District League failed to join our elite league. The league games are scheduled to start on 25 March and Golden Lions are expected to have fully affiliated before then,” said Muzvidziwa.

Golden Lions, a former BPP Premier League side, join a family that has been dominated by last year’s champions kings, Entumbane and Queens Academy among other well established city’s pool clubs in the 16-member league.

Meanwhile, in the National Champions League pool tournament that was staged in Mutare last weekend, Chitungwiza-based Tigers Pool Club conquered all to take home prize money of US$1 300. 

Tigers got the better of Small Stones in the final match. As a result, Stones pocketed US$700 as their prize money.

Bulawayo-based Queens Academy came out as the third best club after getting the better of another Chitungwiza-based outfit Grill Masters.

In that regard, Queens Academy pocketed US$400 while Grill Masters received US$200 while numbers five to eight got US$50 each. —@FungaiMuderere

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