Girlfriend threatens to cast spell on ex-lover’s manhood

Gibson Mhaka
A BULAWAYO man is living in fear after his former girlfriend threatened to cast a spell on him to make his manhood useless allegedly as punishment for breaking up with her.

Leonard Sithole claimed his ex-lover Sisa Sibanda threatened to curse his manhood so that it takes a nap each time he wanted to sleep with his new girlfriend only identified as Nobuhle.

A fearful Sithole who apparently felt he was too young to go without sex revealed the chilling threat at the Bulawayo Civil Court where he was seeking a protection order against Sibanda.

“Sisa Sibanda is my ex-girlfriend and we have been in a relationship for less than a year. We were always having problems because of her violent behaviour. Since we are no longer in love, she is forcing me to revive the relationship. She is always calling me names saying that I am a dog and that I will never have an erection again.

“She once stabbed her herself with a kitchen knife, the reason being that she wanted me to be arrested after lying that I was the one who had stabbed her. She is also coming to my house and workplace where she will be shouting at me on top of her voice while using vulgar language.

On the latest incident she came to my house with a group of young boys threatening to beat me up,” complained Sithole.

He said Sibanda was also making fun of his “big” testicles adding that she once came to his house and caused drama after she found him with his new girlfriend.

“She tried to fight with her and in the process her dress and bra got torn. She remained in her tights until her friend later brought her another dress. I will never be safe and at peace as long as she comes to my house or anywhere near me. May the court protect me by granting a protection order against her,” begged Sithole.

In response, Sibanda said she didn’t have any problem with the protection order being granted in Sithole’s favour.

“The reason I went to his house is that I wanted to collect my property and he rudely responded implying that he didn’t want to give me my property. I have no problem with him being granted the protection. All I want is my property which is with him,” she said.

In her ruling presiding magistrate Nomasiko Ndlovu barred Sibanda from visiting Sithole’s house and workplace to disturb his peace.

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