Giant snake sucks blood from dead cow, villagers flee

Gibson Mhaka
IN a scary incident, which left Musita villagers in Gokwe under Chief Nemangwe’s area utterly dumbfounded, a giant snake mysteriously came out of a huge lump which was on the neck of a cow which they were slaughtering and started sucking blood from the dead beast.

Villagers, who couldn’t figure out how the giant snake came to be in the cow’s lump, suspect that the blood sucking reptile that was reportedly about two metres-long could be a goblin.

Snake – Image taken from Shutterstock

Spirited efforts by some villagers to “stop” the mysterious reptile from feasting on the dead cow’s blood reportedly hit a snag. The seemingly unfazed snake reportedly continued sucking blood for almost an hour before it eventually gave up and subsequently died.

Narrating the strange incident to B-Metro, Chief Nemangwe, whose jurisdiction the area falls under, said villagers were left speechless, adding that those who witnessed the occurrence were now living in fear.

“What happened is that the cow in question was left in the custody of Mike Muchavazo by one of his neighbours (name supplied) when he relocated to Chegutu last year.

The cow then developed a huge lump on its neck. When Mike (Muchavazo) phoned the owner telling him about the lump, he instructed him to slaughter it and sell the meat,” said Chief Nemangwe.

Muchavazo then invited some villagers to assist him slaughter the beast.

“While they were busy skinning it, one of the villagers who was wary of the huge lump, pierced it with a knife and shockingly a huge snake sprang out and subsequently started sucking blood which was dripping from that lump.

“Out of fear the villagers ran away in different directions until some gathered courage and came back and tried to remove the snake but without success,” said Chief Nemangwe.

After it was done sucking, the snake reportedly slithered into a nearby grassy pasture where it eventually died.

Chief Nemangwe said speculation swirled with some villagers suggesting that the mysterious snake was a goblin.

“This is because snakes do not suck blood and don’t even have the mouth structure necessary to do it. A snake bite would be expected to bleed a little bit.

The fact that it came out of the lump and stuck there and started feeding on the dead cow’s blood shows that it was not a real snake.

Cow – Image taken from Shutterstock

“That is why some people suspected that it was a goblin in the form of a snake. Scary scenes like these usually indicate that your enemy is sucking your life force through black magic or is trying to harm you in real life in a way that you are not aware of,” explained Chief Nemangwe.

He said although bizarre acts were common in the area, people never expected to witness such a sight.

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