Funeral fund leaves pool of tears

. Fungai Muderere
THE Bulawayo Pool Associationa��s funeral fund committee which came into office last year under the leadership of Rockers Mbuvah says the operating environment has been very volatile and it has been characterised by high levels of resistance from BPA members to join the Funeral Fund.

Mbuvah, who is the Funda��s chairman, in his address at the BPA Annual General Meeting said:

a�?It is important to note that according to the BPA Constitution joining the Fund was not compulsory but rather optional for BPA members and their players, hence it is dismaying to report that almost all the 48 member teams in BPA failed for various reasons to make contributions to the very same fund that BPA members advocated for some two years ago.

a�?This is the very same Fund that was formulated at the 2015 BPA AGM and was embraced with so much optimism and enthusiasm by BPA members. In this harsh economic environment with a lot of cash flow constraints, it is important that we work together in order to accomplish our main goal which is to contribute and assist towards giving the BPA pool player a decent burial in the event of death.a�?

After embarking on research on the funeral policies and packages that were offered to the general public by various institutions, Mbuvah said they also entered into a provisional partnership with a funeral assurance company, who designed a special package, which was presented to the BPA membership as the second optional package with a monthly subscription of $12,00 and a benefit of $8 500 in the event of death.

He said in this arrangement the Funeral Fund was to benefit $2,00 as a collection fee, towards its coffers.

a�?We distributed the BPA Funeral Fund materials (consisting of packages offered,A?general informationA� on the Fund as well as membership forms) physically to all clubs with the exception of Ntabazinduna and Black Eagles whose representatives received communication regarding the collection of the materials. Awaited the registration of clubs and their players to the Funeral Fund and it is worth noting that during the distribution of materials most clubs did welcome the noble cause.

However, due to their financial constraints which were clearly evident from the debt owed towards BPA, they were unable join as they prioritised paying for their membership subscription. It is also disheartening to highlight that we did also face resistance from many other clubs who felt that there was no need for the funeral fund as most of their players had subscribed for funeral policies elsewhere,a�? said Mbuvah.

He further moaned that there were also other clubs that believed that this was another means of the BPA to siphon their hard earned funds, whereas a few others believed that the Funeral Fund was only designed to silence those that had been vocal and hence did not find relevance in participating in an initiative which they felt lacked credibility.

He said due to lack of responsiveness to comply by the majority of the membership it was resolved by his committee to wait until the greater majority complied. This position was taken to safeguard the Fund from being liable to pay a beneficiary in the event of death, payment they could not achieve without the required minimum threshold of players required to render the Fund sustainable.

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