Form 4 pupil, lover in court for abortion

Danisa Masuku
A two months pregnant Form Four pupil at Founders High School, who took a concoction to terminate her pregnancy causing her to bleed excessively, has been dragged to court together with her lover.

After Angeline Mandiramba (18) of Sizinda suburb discovered that she was bulging with 20-year-old Nkosikhona Ndlovu’s unborn baby, she informed her lover, who panicked as he felt he had no money to cater for the upkeep of the child.

Nkosikhona allegedly approached a local traditional healer and asked to be helped to terminate his lover’s pregnancy.

The traditional healer, the court heard, agreed and he took his lover to the traditional healer’s shrine, where the traditional healer administered a concoction.

She took the concoction, and after a few hours it plunged her into severe pain and excessive bleeding.

Her aunt Velile Mlalazi (42) found her rolling on the floor in pain. When she asked her what was causing her to bleed, she revealed that she took a concoction from a traditional healer to terminate her pregnancy.

Angeline, the court heard, also disclosed to her aunt that she was advised by her lover to take the concoction.
Velile made a police report leading to the arrest of the two law breakers.

Angeline was taken to United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH), where she was treated. A doctor’s medical report confirmed that that she took a concoction which caused her to bleed profusely.

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