First time voter excited by experience

Mashudu Mambo

IT was a dream come true for Sibongile Ncube (20) from Nketa suburb in Bulawayo on Wednesday after she exercised her democratic right by participating in the voting process.

Ncube expressed her excitement after she managed to brace up and cast her vote at Nketa Library polling station.
“Today (23 August) will be one of the most memorable days in my life and I will write down in my diary how I was able to participate as a citizen through exercising my democratic right.

“I waited patiently from 6am and we started voting at around 8pm, l remember inquiring from the people in the queue about what I had to do inside so that l do not spoil my vote,” said Ncube.

Voters waiting to cast their votes at various polling stations

She narrated her experience in the voting hall and expressed her excitement as she realised that the process was easy.
“When l entered the voting hall, l met polling officers who helped me with the different ballot papers and they explained to me where I had to put them. “This helped me a lot as l managed to avoid problems that l feared like spoiling my vote and I am happy that l have managed to exercise my right,” said Ncube.

She said a number of youths in Nketa played a crucial role in mobilising each other.
“I am happy that my friends encouraged me to vote because on the day before elections l was reluctant and was thinking of letting my vote go down the drain because of fear.

“The youths played a crucial role in the election by not only encouraging each other but they mobilised the elderly by assisting them all the way from their homes to the polling stations,” added Ncube.

Another first time voter Angela Sibindi (21) who believes everyone’s vote was important, said: “Voting is a way to speak your mind and my voice was heard and that’s what motivated me to register”.

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