Father and son share woman

Gibson Mhaka
WHAT is the world coming to?

Villagers in Marumisa area, under Chief Nemangwe in Gokwe, were left in shock after it emerged that a father and son were having sex with the same woman.

The shocking and disturbing incident came to light after the woman, Rosemary Hwingwiri reportedly got pregnant.

Unable to withstand the shame Hwingwiri is reported to have revealed the appalling incident to her aunt, who later spilled the beans to other relatives.

Narrating the wicked real-life drama to B-Metro, a source from the area, who claimed to have intimate details of the incident, said Edmore Muranda and his son Tinashe shocked the entire village when news filtered that they had been bonking the same woman.

It is reported that the woman at the centre of the disturbing drama was close to the Muranda family.

It is said that Edmore swooped in and slept with the woman, taking advantage of the fact that she was close to his wife and the same happened to his son who betrayed his mother’s trust by sleeping with her best friend.

“There are shocking things that you expect to happen in life, but not this one that involves a father and a son, Edmore and Tinashe that they were sleeping with the same woman. What is surprising is that the woman who was sleeping with the two was close to their family,” said the source who requested not to be named.

The source said though the matter was now talk of the area, the two families — Muranda and Hwingwiri — were trying to push it under the carpet.

The source further said the matter had since reached Chief Nemangwe’s court.

Contacted for comment Chief Nemangwe could neither confirm nor deny the incident. He said it was difficult to deal with the matter since all the parties involved or their relatives had not yet approached his court.

“It’s still a rumour and no one has so far approached my court with a complaint. But if the rumour turns out to be true, stern action will be taken against the parties involved for putting the name of the area into disrepute.

“It is an abomination for a father and son to sleep with the same woman. It is also totally unacceptable in our culture,” said Chief Nemangwe.

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