Drunk man loses car, wakes up near church shrine

Danisa Masuku

A MAN who was drinking beer in his vehicle while he had parked in front of shops in Pumula South suburb in Bulawayo allegedly lost his car to robbers after he fell dead drunk and woke up lying near a church shrine.
Caven Nkiwane (63) from Lower Rangemore plots drove to the shops and parked his car (Ford Ranger) in front of the shops and bought beer from one of the drinking spots. He returned to his car and started drinking until he fell dead drunk, said a source close to investigations.
It is said the alleged robbers moved closer to his car and realized that he had fallen asleep. They then got into his car and drove to a mine located in Pumula South and dumped him near an apostolic sect church shrine before driving off in his car.
It is said he woke up on the following day. “He looked around and was surprised at how he got there. He looked for his car but he could not find it,” said the source. After that, he reported the incident at Pumula Police Station. Bulawayo Police Spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident.
“We would advise members of the public in particular imbibers to know their drinking limit and never drink beyond their limit. They must also take beer with the people they trust,” he said. Ends ///


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