Drama rocks city funeral

Hazel Marimbiza

There was real life drama in Magwegwe when a Bulawayo man with support from his relatives disrupted his lover’s funeral after they allegedly stormed into their in-laws’ house and made off with mourners’ bags and other goods.

John Ncube, who was the deceased’s (Colleta Ncube’s) lover, stormed into the funeral with his relatives and caused a scene which left tongues wagging.

“When they arrived at Colleta’s funeral they started shouting while outside. They were told to keep quiet but they continued causing mayhem which sparked rage among Colleta’s relatives. John’s brother who is believed to be a soldier then led his clan into the bereaved’s house. They ransacked the house. They entered the bedroom and took mourners’ bags, groceries, $100 and a rosary,” said a source close to the issue.

It is believed that the two families were at each other’s throats soon after the death of Colletta because John was staying with Colleta in South Africa (SA) and they have a three-year-old son but he had not yet paid lobola.

When Colletta died John helped in repatriating the corpse from SA and upon arriving in Zimbabwe he was told by Colletta’s family to pay lobola.

“But John and his family were disappointed to be told to pay lobola after paying in repatriating the corpse, something which they felt had taken most of their money. They felt unappreciated,” said the source.

When B-Metro visited Colletta’s family they said there was nothing amazing about repatriating the corpse. 

“They were expected to bring Colletta back home since John was staying with Colletta; worse still she has a child. We want our lobola from them. Before Colletta died her son was not feeling well so she brought him to Zimbabwe and she left again for SA. Her mother has been the one looking after the child. At this moment what is most important is that we want a cow which they should give to Colletta’s mother for looking after their son,” said a relative who declined to be named.

Colletta’s mother, who preferred being identified only as MaNcube said she was still shocked at everything that took place.

“I did not want to talk about this issue because I am still in pain and grieving. What I can say is the residents and I around are amazed at John and his relatives’ behaviour. As we were mourning John’s mother decided to sit outside the gate. We requested them to come in the house so that we solve our disputes amicably but they refused. Then they stormed into my house and into my bedroom and stole some stuff. 

“They left in a rush and they also grabbed the child. The child looked so confused and he was crying because they are more like strangers to him,” said MaNcube.

MaNcube said at the moment they wished to locate the family’s whereabouts. 

“We do not know where they stay and we do not have any contacts. We want the things that they stole. We are more concerned about the child because he is not feeling well and they would not know how to care for him. Our hearts are sore because we know the boy is emotionally traumatised right now. We have since reported this matter to the police and we hope to get help as soon as possible,” she said. 

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