Dr Gasolo to walk 156 kilometres again

Langalakhe Mabena 

AFTER giving it a try and succeeding in walking 156 kilometres from his rural home eMatshetsheni, Gwanda, Matabeleland South to Bulawayo last year, poet and script writer Prince “Mazilankatha” Ncube is set to walk the same route this year, between 10 and 12 August.

Dr Gasolo in Mbalabala

Last year, he took three days to complete the distance, as he walked from Gwanda North (eMatshetsheni) via Gwanda Centre and Esigodini to Bulawayo.

The walk was aimed at forging a relationship between artistes, their potential fans and the corporate world.

Dr Gasolo with fans in Esigodini

Unfortunately, from the horse’s mouth, the main reason of the walk was not fruitful as he didn’t manage to achieve his goal.

“Last time when I did the walk, a lot of people thought it was a joke, so they didn’t buy into the vision. I didn’t really get the results I wanted but it was a success in a way that personally I managed to make contacts that will help me achieve the goals of the walk in the future.

Dr Gasolo with an elder in Lumene Primary School

“The walk was fun; it was so refreshing and I will do it over and over again until I develop grey hair,” said Dr Gasolo.

On his first adventure last year, Gasolo took three days to complete the challenge.

Dr Gasolo with fans in Gwanda

On the first day, he travelled from eMatshetsheni to Gwanda town, where he met creatives from the gold mining town, before he made a sleep over.

On the second day, Gasolo then left Gwanda in the morning to Esigodini, where he also spent a night.

On the last day, Gasolo had his breakfast in Esigodini, where he held a creative exchange programme fused with a short performance.

After that, he walked from Esigodini to Bulawayo and he was welcomed by creatives such as Desire “Moyoxide” Moyo, Madewa and Abantwana Bensindiso Yama Nazaretha.

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