DNA dilemma with a twist…Slept with a man while 2 months pregnant:Man claims child is his, she says nay

Danisa Masuku 

A ROMANTICALLY dishonest woman who engaged in sex with a man while she was pregnant has caused confusion in her family as she now wants a DNA test to be done for the child at the centre of a wrangle.

Lindiwe Tshuma (48) who is based in South Africa insists Msizi Mabusa (age not supplied) whom she had sex with while she was two months pregnant is not the biological father of her daughter Nobukhosi Tshuma (28).

Tshuma told B-Metro that she told her mother Margret Tshuma that Msizi was not the biological father of her child but she could not believe her version of her story.

“While I was here in South Africa where I’m based, I heard my mother took my child to Msizi and told her that he is her father. After that I phoned her and told her that I slept with Mabusa while I was two months pregnant and we used protection when we engaged in sex. I told her that I know the biological father of my child. The real father of my child is Thulani Sibindi,” she said.

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She said despite her spirited efforts her mother frequently took her child to Msizi and the bond between her child and him strengthened. 

“My mother took her there and would receive goodies from Mabusa and my child grew to love him and believed that he is her real father. And she even invited him to her wedding,” she said. 

Tshuma said she wanted a DNA test to be done to prove that Msizi was not the biological father of her child but Mabusa did not want to.

“Mabusa stands his ground insisting that he is the biological father of the child and does not want us to do a DNA test and he blocked the child from agreeing to my view,” she said.

Mabusa, however, was singing a different tune when reached for his comment.

“I have never claimed that I’m the biological father of Nobukhosi. Infact Lindiwe’s family brought the child to me and I could not deny being the biological father of the child. As a family we did what we did to prove that she was indeed my child. I cannot comment further, kindly call Tshuma and Nobukhosi.”

When this reporter quizzed him to reveal what they did Mabusa said: “I cannot reveal that to you.”

Efforts to get a comment from Nobukhosi and Margret were fruitless as their mobile numbers were not reachable.

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