Couples outing night disaster!

SHE was warned. And she refused to listen. Divorce has landed. 

Never, ever get involved in the so-called “Couples Outing”. There is no benefit in you and your wife inviting other people into your business. Marriage is not Kaizer Chiefs; it is not a soccer club. When you bring other men closer to your wife, you expose far more than her juicy (self). You expose her true character, mannerisms, etc and all these things become a subject of marital comparison.

In a “couples club”, comparison is inevitable and unavoidable. Suddenly, you and your husband are no longer compatible. Why? You have been compared and found to be wanting. You failed the comparison test. 

Some husbands are fathering other men’s children who are products of the couples’ outing. Many women have lost their husbands to their friends. Nothing good comes out of the couples’ club. I repeat, marriage is not Kaizer Chiefs. Guard your marriage. Make your marriage exclusive. Protect your wife’s beauty. Protect your husband’s kind heart. Keep your friends outside your marriage. 

Then a foolish fool says: “I know my partner”. But do you know your friend and their friends? Even if your wife/husband is as strong and faithful as Mount Kilimanjaro, is it worth it to expose her to a greedy friend’s harassment, stalking, etc? These couples’ outings to Durban (South Africa) are always accompanied by reckless booze. No sober couple has ever entered a couples’ night outing. When people are drunk, they become their real selves. It is not worth it, even if you married arch-angel Gabriel (Angel) himself.

So, my niece’s husband “flew away” with her couples’ club mate. Her friend’s pyjamas and no-bra fitted her too well to the satisfaction of my niece’s husband. The other men too. He  is now alone without the sweet beauty. What a mess. It is too late for wise uncles to help. Learn or perish. (Source: Tumelo T-verb Moatlhodi, Facebook)


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