Cop strangles wife with chain

Danisa Masuku
A POLICE officer ran berserk and strangled his wife with a chain before beating her after a misunderstanding arose over $100 that he had allegedly given to a female neighbour.

A source close to investigations said Constable Munopa Gorogodo’s wife, Winnet Muchapa, took her husband’s phone and browsed through it. She stumbled on an Ecocash transaction that her husband had made.

“The incident happened soon after he arrived home from a party that he had attended. His wife went through his phone and stumbled on an Ecocash message which showed that her husband had sent $100 to a female neighbour.

His wife confronted him and questioned him over the $100 transaction. An argument arose between the two,” said the reliable source.

The source went on to say anger got the better of Gorogodo as he went berserk and charged at his wife before strangling her with a chain.

“He grabbed her before reaching for a chain and strangling her. After that he turned her into a punching bag as he hit her all over the body with fists. The incident attracted the attention of neighbours who watched the ugly scene unfold. She bled and was rushed to hospital,” said the source.

The matter was reported at Mzilikazi Police Station leading to his arrest.

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