Cooperman invests in water

Langalakhe Mabena
A hustle is a hustle, even if one decides to venture into purified water, the hustle is recommended, for water is life!

Skyz Metro FM DJ and host Cooperman also known as uMzala kaMzala is on the verge of preparing for life after rocking the airwaves, as he has ventured into a new business of producing purified water.

His water brand is called Amanzi kaMzala which is manufactured through reverse osmosis, a process which removes a wide range of other contaminants, to make the water safer for drinking.

In diversifying, Cooperman said his product intends to offer a convenient and cheaper solution to the drinking water needs.

“I felt that we needed something different from other players who are already in the industry. What pushed me a lot to invest in water was the quality which Bulawayo was known for in the past, when it comes to clean water.

“So, I kind of figured out that we have to maintain the standards of clean and safe water in the city, hence coming up with Amanzi kaMzala,” said the DJ, the host of a show dubbed Gqula Cooperman on Skyz Metro FM.

The reception of the product seems to be on the right path as many from different places in Matabeleland are embracing the water initiative.

“People seem to really love the product so much because it is locally produced. I am grateful for their support as the response has kept us busy. Those who                        have had a chance to drink the water, can testify that we offer quality.

“The demand is becoming too much on a daily basis. We have people requesting for Amanzi kaMzala from as far as Nyamandlovu, Lupane and Gwanda, where we recently supplied the Brethren In Christ Church (BICC) in the mining town,” said Cooperman.

The radio host-cum-music producer has a word to share with fellow creatives in preparation for tomorrow.

“Local creatives have been experiencing a backlash in line with their craft, but to sustain themselves, I urge them to look for other avenues and opportunities surrounding them.

“They need to be prepared to take the risk as in business no one has nothing to lose. For those who have had a chance to work with me or spent time with me, they know that when it’s work it’s work. This is the spirit that everyone must have as long as the vision is to make money,” said Cooperman.

Apart from his new adventure, Cooperman has interest in property business.

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