COMMENT: Tribute to Streaky, preserve legend’s legacy

When certain figures finally bow out of this stage we term life, very few can contest the badges that they would have accumulated through the journey, the lives they would have touched and the legacy they would have left for generations. We believe such was the impact of the life of Heath Streak, whose legendary exploits on the cricket field earned him many admirers while his humility won many over as shown by the tributes that followed his demise.

We celebrated Streaky on the cricket field for many years as he held our flag aloft, were held spellbound by his boundless energy as he smashed records on his way to greatness, and yet we will still behold his epitaph that shall pronounce his many fruitful chapters in this world.  We pay our own tribute to a great son.

There are many emotions that are encapsulated in the sombre moments that death undoubtedly brings but it is important to note that many of those feelings are born out of intentional lifetime choices by the one that would have departed. It is against this background that we believe that many will be touched, shattered for a while but we believe that many shall be challenged that though the legend did not manage a half century not out, falling short by a mere run, the achievements of his innings far eclipse those of others whose haul was even four score or more. These are times of mourning but also celebration for a life well lived, largely in the glare of the public.  Not many of us could have survived the scrutiny, the pressure and the weight of a sometimes so great a vision it made some of his forebears pale into insignificance. 

 We talk of the Heath Streak Cricket Academy and the many international honours that the great cricketer brought to the country, and the region where he hailed from. May the fruit of his labour stand for generations as a constant and stoic reminder of the value of dedication and discipline to achievement of set goals.

These are part of the legacy that we should emulate and seek to safeguard while at the same time being challenged to do something for our community, to leave a mark. The Biblical Isaiah says in the year King Uzziah died, he saw the Lord, and in the same vein we may as well nudge you with a rhetorical question on what you saw in the year Heath Streak died. What chapters of his life inspired you and which ones challenged you?

We need more heroes, and heroes are birthed on the altar of sacrifice wherein men and women give their all for the good of humanity, and posterity. May the seed that Streaky planted in the hearts of many young people that he coached and mentored germinate, blossom, bear fruit and build even greater legacies, inspired by this greatness that the world stands at attention today in honour of his selfless dedication not only to a sport, but also a beloved motherland.

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