Coltart and Mabuto elected uncontested as mayor and deputy mayor of Bulawayo

Gibson Mhaka

THE City of  Bulawayo has a new mayor and deputy mayor after Ward 4 Councillor Senator David Coltart and his Ward 9 counterpart Donaldson Mabuto were elected uncontested on Monday afternoon as mayor and deputy mayor respectively  following their swearing-in on Wednesday last week to run the city’s affairs for the next five years.

A total of 38 councillors were sworn in and nine councillors got into the council through the women’s quota system.

In his acceptance speech the newly elected Mayor Coltart first paid his respects to the late former Bulawayo mayor who was also Special Advisor to the President and Zanu PF Politburo member Cde Joshua Teke Malinga who died on Friday evening at his Richmond home in Bulawayo after battling prostate cancer.

“He was a close friend of mine even though we were from different political parties but he served the city faithfully for two terms as a mayor.  I had a productive relationship with the former mayor of the city, the late Joshua Malinga. It was friendship which crossed over the political divide and it was a productive friendship,” he said.

He urged people to work together regardless of their political afflictions saying there was a need to put the best interest of all citizens of Bulawayo at the very forefront of what they would do.

“We know as citizens of Bulawayo that we have massive obstacles and challenges to face if we are to restore the city to its greatness. We cannot do that as a CCC caucus alone, we can only do that if we enjoy the support of the entirety of Bulawayo.

“To all political parties it is time now not to pursue a personal or partisan political agenda, it is time that we work in the interest of all the citizens, all the residents of Bulawayo particularly the disadvantaged   members of our society that has to be our focus. So we need to commit to working in a non-partisan fashion to put the best interest of all citizens of Bulawayo at the very forefront of what we do,” said Cllr Coltart.

He further said he was going to decisively deal with allegations of corruption being levelled against the local authority.

“There are allegations of corruption affecting this council and we have a duty to deal with that. We are all conscious of allegations of corruption and I don’t know personally whether they are correct or not but I want to say that today as a mayor I will have a zero tolerance, and attitude towards corruption.

“One of the things that we will do is to set up  a hot line  manned by an independent person  and it will be available to all citizens of Bulawayo  so they can phone advising on corruption or any  attempts to corruption,” he said.

Deputy Mayor Mabuto also echoed Cllr Coltart’s sentiments saying there was a need for collective efforts from all political parties, civic organisations, churches   and citizens of Bulawayo to work together for the betterment of the city.


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