Collen Moyo — a music jewel from Nkayi

Langalakhe Mabena

From the thickest of Nkayi, Matabeleland North, in Gonye district, there is a versatile musical gem in the name of Collen Moyo.

He is a multi-talented lad who refused to be held back by his disability condition and soldiered on to fight for his right and position in the community, by pushing so hard to realising his music and arts dreams.

Moyo has defied the odds in a community that marginalises people with disabilities as he has managed to establish himself as a distinguished all-rounder musician who has even managed to perform outside the country.

In his career that spans more than two decades, Moyo has performed in Egypt, Qatar and Israel.

In an interview after his performance at the Imiklomela kaDakamela (Chief Dakamela’s Achievers Awards), Moyo said he received his musical calling at a young age.

“I started noticing my musical calling when I was very young. When I enrolled for my secondary education, I started my own group called Firm Foundation Gospel Movers.

I did my first recording in 1999 and to date, I have ten albums under the tag Firm Foundation.

“It was not easy to participate at schools, especially in talent competition as other students and even teachers would judge me for my condition.

I managed to face my fears and fight with the obstacles of this earth, so as to chase after my dream.

“Being strong has helped me to realise a lot in my life as I only depend on music for my survival.

I have toured out of Zimbabwe because of this music thing.

I have visited countries like Egypt, Israel and Qatar. In all these tours I was representing people living with disabilities from Zimbabwe,” he said.

Moyo encouraged people to give support to people with disabilities, so that they can be able to look after themselves through their talents.

“We have a lot of people with disabilities who are ashamed or don’t have enough courage to stand up and showcase their talents.

But, I would like to encourage them to stand on their own, for they can live a great life through their talents.

“At the same time I will send a message to everyone, by saying we are all human therefore we have to work with each other despite our differences, so that the country can develop and also help those who are overlooked and marginalised to realise their dreams,” said Moyo.

On his performance koDakamela, Moyo gave a polished stage set, singing songs from various genres. He also sampled songs from his latest album titled “Ungibonise Indlela” (He Showed Me The Way).

“I used to do Gospel music only while growing up,but now I have decided to do almost all genres because there are people who love Maskandi, Rhumba Music, AmaPiano and so on, so I needed to accommodate them.

Recently, I released a Maskandi album titled “Ungibonise Indlela” which has eight songs.

I wrote the particular title song while I was in Egypt as I faced many obstacles during that time.

I then asked God to show me the way as I couldn’t see where my life was going.

The entire album is composed with different thematic concerns,  with the cornerstone of my music writing being amplifying Ubuntu,” said Moyo.


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