Cheeky school head assaults parent over fees

Gibson Mhaka
PARENTS with children at Mwanezi Primary school in Mberengwa, Midlands Province are up in arms with the headmaster of the school who allegedly beat up a parent as punishment for failing to pay fees for her child.

It is reported that the headmaster, Collet Msakhanda courted the anger of the parents after he allegedly beat up Beauty Mavhumbate.

Mavhumbate had approached him to allow her child in Grade Two to attend classes while she looked for fees.

It is alleged that instead of sympathising, Msakhanda insulted Mavhumbate and assaulted her with open hands.

The brutal attack is alleged to have happened in the presence of the deputy headmaster and one of the senior teachers.

After the incident Mavhumbate reported the matter to fellow villagers who confronted the headmaster demanding an explanation.

a�?As parents we felt that what Msakhanda did was unfair. To make matters worse Mavhumbate is of ill-health. The physical abuse really left her traumatised. After confronting her he later engaged the services of another teacher to apologise on his behalf.

a�?He gave that teacher $5 to give to Mavhumbate as compensation for the assault but she refused to take it.

a�?She later took the matter to the village head where Msakhanda again offered $70 to have the matter swept under the carpet. The unsatisfied Mavhumbate later approached Chief Chizungu and Councillor Milo Bhobokile Ndlovu who also promised to deal with the matter but up to now no action has been taken against the headmaster.

a�?We are not happy as parents and we want the headmaster to be punished for his actions since this is not the first time for him to assault a parent,a�? said an angry parent who refused to be identified for fear of reprisals against her child.

Although, Mavhumbate and Chief Chizungu were not available for comment Cllr Ndlovu confirmed the incident.

a�?The matter came to my attention and I summoned both Msakhanda and Mavhumbate. During the deliberations Msakhanda agreed to pay Mavhumbate for the injuries he inflicted on her,a�? he said.

When contacted for comment on Tuesday afternoon Msakhanda said he was in a meeting before he instructed this reporter to phone him later.

Spirited efforts to phone him later drew a blank as his mobile phone was no longer reachable.

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