Cellular comeback, explosive callbacks and cosmetic cutbacks!

Khuphuka Nasingeni
If we were to run a story-telling competition of peoplea��s first encounters with cellular phones, we would get interesting tales indeed.

Of note would be things like the brand name, the model, the size, the weight and, of course the ringing tone!

There are people that cannot even imagine life without the cellphone, as if they got the cellphone before their mothers left the maternity hospital when they were born. Back in 1998 when the contraption was unleashed, it never looked like almost everyone would eventually own one.

They were such a status symbol. I do not know where the phones were coming from but it seems the second hand market was running side by side with the new gadgets market. My first two phones were all second hand; the first a Panasonic with an antenna that could be pulled out for better reception, then later the Ericsson 688, whose stout and comparatively smaller antenna that always stuck out like a sore thumb became the victim of many accidents!

We were just discussing the phones craze with uMzo, and he also sharing his encounters with the cellular phone. He still has fond memories of the 5110 and 3310! These memories came like a flood once I got the news that the old type cellphones were making a comeback. Yes, the simpler phones whose migration we facilitated to our parents, grandparents and labourers out in the rural areas!

Some people are simply fed up with the so-called smartphones and are now promoting #simplerisbetter! We hear even Nokia is planning on making phones again. Some cellphone users do not mind keeping the smart and simple phone side by side, but for others they want simplicity, something that they feel designers could assist in by coming up with simpler phones!

Interestingly, the young generation prefers smartphones. Try it with your toddler. Give them a simple phone, while you enjoy your smartphone, they will simply throw it away!

ZRP may soon insist on fire extinguishers following a warning regarding some Samsung model (Note 7) that it should not be charged in a plane as several had exploded while being charged. This has necessitated a major recall of millions of phones. Imagine the phone exploding while you are in bed (hopefully, not home away from home). So be warned not to charge it in unauthorised areas! It would be a great idea to sell a complete package, with extinguisher!

I believe babies could be right in rejecting the simpler phones. Ita��s a question of aesthetics, isna��t it? Let us see if cellphone designers manage to drive us crazy with the simpler and smaller sizes . . . Still on beauty, if your husband has been heckling you about your spending habits, especially regarding your expenditure on cosmetics, foreign wigs and other such beauty stuff, tell him that you are far behind in that area. Yours truly has statistics to back your case!

Africa and Asia are lagging behind in terms of market share, when it comes to the consumption of cosmetics. Africa and Asia combined only make up three percent of the global cosmetics market. The market is huge and growing, projected to hit $11 billion by 2017.

Local manufacturers should, however, start producing cosmetics locally, using local raw materials so that we can claim a stake of those billions. I wish I could collect all Zimbabwean hair from salons and weave it into something uniquely African and export to Brazil for example!

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