Caught in the act… furious hubby axes love rival on the face after finding him bedding wife

Gibson Mhaka

A CHEATED husband went bananas after allegedly arriving home to find his wife canoodling in bed with a teacher from a local school, on his matrimonial bed.
It was gathered that Elson Moyo Matambo from Madzivanyika Village under Chief Chireya in Gokwe, Midlands province allegedly struck Mudzingwa Zinyoro with an axe on the face after he caught him playing hide the sausage game with his wife Margret Chapanduka.

Zinyoro from Manyama village is said to be a teacher at Munyatipanzi Primary school.
It is reported that a raging Matambo threw a flurry of punches at the adulterers as they lay on the bed in their birthday suits.

Matambo, sources told Bmetro, sensed that something was fishy after he heard weird noises that suggested someone was having intense pleasure, coming from his bedroom.

He was sure it was his wife who was moaning in ecstasy.
His reaction was instant and decisive.

A source who declined to be named said Matambo had always suspected that his wife was cheating on him with Zinyoro after stumbling on sleazy messages on her phone.

The source said the illicit affair had been going on for some time until on the day, working on a tip-off, Matambo busted them.
“After a tip off from neighbours that his wife was in the habit of hosting Zinyoro at their house during his absence, Matambo decided to catch them red-handed. He lied to his wife that he was visiting his uncle who stays in Zenda and would come back the following day,” narrated the source.

Margret exploited the opportunity and invited Zinyoro to come over and crown the night at her place.
“But as they relished the moment and at around 10pm the man of the house, Matambo suddenly arrived- like a tropical storm- to find his wife betraying him under the covers. He smothered the teacher with heavy blows and dragged him out of the bed before swinging more haymakers at him. The hapless teacher crumbled to the ground and lay still.

“Matambo, blinded by rage apparently felt the solid punches were not doing enough damage. He reached for an axe and struck Zinyoro once above the right eye. The teacher, who may have been faking unconsciousness came, sensing Matambo’s murderous intent,” explained the source.
Realising that her lover was staring death in the face, the source said, Margret who was pleading with her husband to stop assaulting Zinyoro, grabbed the axe and threw it away.

“A still naked Zinyoro, who had made a ‘miraculous recovery’ exploited the opportunity to bolt out of the house. He left his lover at the mercy of her husband,” further explained the source.

The source said Zinyoro later approached Margret’s mother to talk to Matambo on his behalf so that he could compensate him but Matambo turned down the offer.
Contacted for comment, Zinyoro refused to entertain questions from this publication.

”Saka imi murikuda kudii apa? What do you want to do with the information?” he curtly asked before he hung up his phone.
Both Matambo and his wife could not be reached for comment as their phones rang unanswered.

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