‘Byo zimdancehall not appreciated

Bubelo Moyo

Local Zim-dancehall talent has no place in Bulawayo!

The above has been said by the New Luveve-bred backyard Zim-dancehall producer and artiste Street Innocent Ncube and his musical partner Pearless Mukaro.

The up-and-coming artistes have expressed concern that Bulawayo doesn’t appreciate their talent, let alone radio stations as they also did not play their compositions.

However, they receive much love in Harare, a place where Zim-dancehall was founded and commands a large following.

As if that is not enough, Street further revealed that local fans would prefer to listen to already established artistes like Enzo Ishall and Winky D, something that demotivates them to continue creating music.

“Local dancehall fans would rather attend a dancehall show which has Enzo Ishall and Winky D from Harare than to attend one with Jah Lady and Ras Paddie who are local performers on the list.

“It’s disappointing when you try hard to produce a piece for your own people but they don’t give an ear to it,” said Street.

Street and Ras Paddie worked with Jah Lady in the dancehall song Chi formula, which people are vibing to in the streets of Harare but the same can’t be said about Bulawayo.

It’s not the first time for Bulawayo artistes to face tough times with local fans.

Recently, Novuyo Seagirl became a victim as she was booed consecutively leading to sour relations with the crowd. 

Meanwhile, on Saturday, the two artistes will be launching a new album — Chazunguza at Skittle Inn. They encouraged fans to come in their numbers to witness their polished performance.

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