Bulawayo muso goes Naija route

Bruce Ndlovu
Bulawayo musicians have been conspicuous by their absence from the nomination lists in the music categories of most of the countrya��s award shows.

Many have cited a number of reasons for this seeming malaise from the local music scene. While others blame a lack of exposure on the national front, many point to the disinterest of Bulawayo music lovers when it comes to music from the city.

Others however, point to the artistes themselves, as they allege that they lack the musical innovation and conviction to crack the national and international market.

One city artiste believes that he has found a working formula to attract the citya��s music lovers to his style of music.

Kevin Zindodyeyi (ABOVE), an upcoming Bulawayo-based musician who performs under the stage name MKZ, believes that mixing his Zimbabwean flavour with the popular music of the day, largely from Nigeria, will help him win the hearts of hard to please Bulawayo music lovers.

a�?The plan is to come with a blend of music that strikes the balance between spreading a social message and partying.

The Nigerian songs are quite popular at the moment and so the way to reach the youth of today is incorporating Zimbabwean elements into a style that they already like,a�? he said.

The Kwekwe born musician who has so far released two albums, Musalad Shungu and Luggage, started singing at Drake High School when his mother encouraged him to explore music instead of his preferred dancing.

a�?My mother would tell me to not just dance but also try singing. I realised that I had a few songs that were popular at school even though none were recorded and that is when my belief began to blossom,a�? he said.

MKZ, who performed alongside chanter Shinsoman last week at Club Forty, says his idea to fuse the Nigerian beat and local music was proving worthwhile as he was scoring gigs and earning praise from fans.

a�?I have always told myself that being unique pays off, when everybody is into dancehall I got my own way and I am glad that I am making headway with the route that I am trying to pursue,a�? he said.

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