Bushy or not, your choice

Nhlalwenhle Ncube

IN life there are some things which you must do out of choice, not because of what the next person wants. 

These are things to do with your body and health.

Last week I witnessed a certain debate from a women’s WhatsApp group. It was all about pubic hair, on whether you should do what your partner wants or what makes you feel comfortable.

It all started when one sister revealed that her man forces her to remove all the hair down there. The problem is that the whole area is always feeling itchy and now looks like a leopard as she is spotty in that area.

All I know is that being bushy or removing hair down there is a personal choice. 

Of course women always go out of their way to please their partners, but if something is giving you discomfort, explain your situation and stick to what’s best for you. Removing pubic hair is a cosmetic choice that may have health consequences for some women.

Pubic hair serves several biological purposes. It is a physical barrier protecting the skin. It traps discharge, dirt and moisture helping the vulva skin maintain a higher moisture content relative to skin elsewhere on your body. Pubic hair basically acts as your first line of defence against bacteria and irritation during sex.

As each pubic hair is attached to a nerve, tugging during sex may also increase sexual stimulation. Pubic hair may also have a role in dispersal of normal odours.

There is also emerging data that links pubic hair removal with an increased risk of some sexually transmitted infections (STIs), such as herpes and the human papilloma virus (HPV). The microtrauma of hair removal may facilitate transmission or change the environment of the area in other ways that facilitate infection.

Of course, the best way to prevent STIs is to practice safer sex, not to stop shaving.

Removing pubic hair is not right or wrong, it is a cosmetic choice that has medical risks. 

Adults make decisions about their bodies every day, ideally those decisions are informed and reached after you have balanced your personal risk-benefit ratio.

Whatever you decide is right for your body, please do not remove your pubic hair just to please a man who can dump you any minute. Even if you check with men, they have got different preferences, some want it bushy and others clean shaven. So sticking to what you want is the best. Removing pubic hair is a personal decision and if you want to do it, that’s your choice. If you don’t, it’s also your choice.

Experts have it on good authority that there is no biological reason to remove pubic hair. Shaving is one of the least expensive ways to remove hair, it’s easy to learn how to do. 

The problem with shaving is that sometimes razor burn and ingrown hairs can make your downstairs itchy, which isn’t much fun. So, if you are not feeling any discomfort, leaving your bush where it is, is perfectly fine.

Pubic hair is there for a reason and provides a cushion against friction, keeps bacteria from entering the vagina and causing any vaginal or urinary infections and also decreases the risk of STI transmission. 

So feel free to keep the hair and not feel pressured to remove hair from your pelvic region.

Shave, trim, or go natural, it’s completely up to you. The most important thing is to not let society or the media influence what you think you should do to your pubic hair. 

One interesting point I got is that all this shaving thing started in pornography as they wanted viewers to see clearly then it started trending.

It is better to trim than to remove all the hair. With this, you also get to meet your partner halfway because most men who order you to shave will be complaining that your “long” pubic hair hurts them during lovemaking. Shaving gets rid of the hair and the skin is smooth, at least for a day or so. But shaving often comes with a price. Instead of shaving everything off, trimming down all or part of the region to look more groomed is the best.

With trimming, the razor would not touch your skin so you don’t have to worry about it becoming irritated and red. Because of the delicate nature of the skin down under, the area often gets itchy after shaving so better trim and take good care of your body.

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